Various Bibliography

Here cited some various bibliography, if you want to add more, contact me,


Conrad Malte-Brun (1755-1826)

"Annales des Voyages de la geographie et de l'historie" - paris 1809 In this book he express the thesis that the albanian language is related to the pre-homeric, and express the thesis of the descendenty of the albanians from the pelasgians


Johann Georg von Hahn (1811-1869)

1) He consider completly the albanians as the descendants of the pelasgians, 2) and he connect illirians with the pelasgians, considering this in all his publications of books.


Eduard Schneider , french scholar, specialist of the etruscan language, he translated etruscan insctiptions throught the albanian language, afferming deeply the theory of the descentancy from the pelasgians of the albanians, as he write in his book publicated in Paris in 1894 "Une race oublièe. Les Pelasges et leurs descendantes".


August Schleicher (1821-1868) , big german linguist, knower of all the ancient and modern indo-european languages.

"Die Sprachen Europas in systematischer Uebersicht" 1850 ,new edit 1982, in this book he was not sure about the albanian language, if more close to the greek or latin, and considering it more close to greek ans calling the albanian language as the "copy of the pelasgic language"


"We have demostrations that supports that many things have been produced in a particular way where communities or groups of Greeks would want to make credible that they say in relation with their past, many Greek writers are become many fantasious connecting their descendancys from people not-Greeks and ancient logons between they and "hellens", as theirs descendants."

C. Baurain, Rome, 1989, page 131 "Heracles dans l'epopee homerique", Heracles, actes de la table ronde de rome


"The ancient Greeks appeal themselves honorable descendancys. They have noticed that mythology could serve for the political propaganda of the city state. Therefore for having heroic descendants, they lengthen behind their geneaologia right back to the age of myth "

S. Gotteland, Paris, 1995, page 379 "Genealogies mythiques et politiques chez isocrate", actes du VIIIe colloque du centre de Recherches mythologiques de l'universitè de Paris.


"They (ancient greeks) choose the myth that the servants in order to support their politics, and after change it. They introduce the myth so that them servant for every political work."

W. Burkert, 1979, Los Angeles and London, Vol XLVII, page 78, 97, 379 "structure and history in Greek mythology and rituals", Sather classical lectures.


"They dream the names of theyr ancestors of various personages... these are manipulations that can rebound the tonality completely, the main meant one of a myth"

A.Moreau 1998, page 30 "Manipulations Genealogiques: les epouses d'Edipe, Medee, Promethee". Actes du VIIIe Colloque du centre de Recherches Mythologiques de l'universitè de Paris.