forgotten truth

The Purpose of this website

This website is created for all people who want to know the history of Albania. I felt I had to create it, because I believe there are many things the history does not explain with the right criterion, it tends to generalize too much, or (nearly always) it does not cite at all.


These pages are not convenient for a few scholars who have gone around this information (voluntarily or not) for as long as they could, but now I wanted to give the opportunity to those who do not know the Albanian language, to be able to read a few things that the history books have always hidden ...

It's a known tradition that it is more convenient to leave apart material that confuses academics during their search for patterns in their publications

We remind you that the Web-Site one is in continuous restructure, for whichever question or information, please send me an email to PelasgicMoon@hotmail.it

If you are passionate and you have material that would help me enhance the website, or to sign any imperfections, you are welcome to do so.